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Who Else Wants To Get In Shape in 35 Minutes?

Most of the physical fitness trainers, and coaches agree that doing some sort of resistance training, and cardio training, sets up a good foundation for all around fitness. What most people like to do is alternate days. M-W-F do resistance training and on Tues-thurs-sat do aerobic training or some other variation.Now this is not a bad thing but it can be very time consuming and for people who have real busy lives it might be hard to make this kind of commitment.

I say why not do both in one training session? Now I am not saying to do both in the same day. I am talking about doing a workout for about 30-40 minutes that gives you resistance and cardio for that time frame. Instead of making them separate, combine them into a more efficient workout.

Another words you perform a resistance exercise, it could be your own bodyweight, weights, cables, tubing, it doesn't matter. Immediately after this is completed you perform a cardio movement. It could be running in place, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, anything that is aerobic for about (30) seconds, and then continue on to the next movement. Doing say 6-8 resistance exercises and in between (30 seconds of aerobics) for let's say 3 sets. Now these 3 sets are without resting you are continually moving for roughly 35 minutes.

Let me give you an example: Let's use weights. 1}.10 reps of lunges, then run in place. 2} 10 reps of squats, then run in place. 3}.10 reps of bicep curls, now run in place. 4} 10 reps of dips or pushups, now run in place. You can choose any exercise you want just hit all major bodyparts. Like I said choose 6-8 resistance exercises and 30 seconds of aerobics and do at least 3 sets alternating. This is fat burning exercise.

Believe me when I tell you this is not for the faint of heart. You will be breathing heavily quickly. The beauty is it saves time and cuts workout time in half. When I first tried this I did make it thru the 3 sets but it wasn't easy. If you have to stop do so. Catch a breadth and then complete it. You will gradually improve as you keep doing this exercise protocol.

Now for the people who don't have weights at home or do not want to do this at their local workout establisment, or are just looking for a change of pace, I have found the perfect alternative. A complete system for under $50. For men and women. You get a 3 cable color system for tension, a video to follow along,a manual, and travel bag. It's very portable. And the workout you get in 35 minutes is fabulous. The name of this product is {BODYLASTICS}. You should really check this out. You can go to my blog at: http://HealthAndFitnessConsultant.com

When I am pressed for time and want a killer workout this is what I use. So I get both resistance and cardio in (1) 35 minute workout. I highly recommend this product for people who want a gym in a bag. Excellent for people who travel. Give it a try and please let me know what you think.

Herb Daly jr
To ask a specific question, or if you have a problem that needs my advice go to: AskYourFitnessQuestion.com">http://AskYourFitnessQuestion.com


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